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Testimonials For Our Workshops

›   “…My team members have attended Atul Joshi’s workshops on the
     subject and immensely benefited from them. He is able to cover the
    usability topics in depth, which are much relevant today to Software
    Design & Architecture. The interaction design and information
    architecture perspective he brings in is simply the best. He has also
    participated in several pre-sales meetings with our Customers from
    Financial and Manufacturing domains. Overall, For Patni, it has been a
    more than three long years of association with Design Incubators R&D
    Labs Pvt. Ltd. They have been instrumental in making Patni enter into
    Usability Engineering and User Experience Design for Software
    products & services.”

    Rajiv B Deo
    Head - Knowledge Management & Delivery Innovation
    Patni Computer Systems Ltd.

›   "Atul (Joshi) is an excellent speaker. I always invite Atul for a talk in
     the CEP programmes that I organize in IIT Bombay, and the
     participants like his practical insights a lot. In our feedback system, 0
     represents 'Not useful’, 1 is 'Good to know', 2 is 'Very useful' and 3 is
     'This was great. Average ratings by participants across all sessions for
     the last course were 2.1. Atul's lecture was rated 2.3."

     Prof. Anirudha Joshi
     Faculty of Industrial Design Center
     IIT Bombay

›   “Very professional and knowledgeable… I would recommend Design
    Incubator’s workshops to all departments of TCS”

    Dr. Madhuri Sawant (Ph.D.)
    Global Delivery Head, TCS Ltd

›   "It is a great way to learn how to define your user interface design process"
    Kaushal Sarda
    CEO, Uhuroo.Com

›   "It is a good and comprehensive insight into UXD. It was well defined, well
    documented and extremely informative... It is a must for anyone who is in
    the field of Interaction Design
    Priyanka Rungta,
    Director, Navigators Software

›   ”Atul Joshi is a rare trainer who delivers usability and design knowledge
    by blending academic concepts and practical insights with equal ease.
    He makes his workshop interactive, enjoyable and an experience in itself,
    through his wit and humour. Atul's workshops are thought-provoking and
    leave us with a perspective which refines the way we look at everyday

    " ...very fulfilling experience to undergo training with DI. Every time I
    participate I have new take aways from the workshops either through the
    course snippets or the sound bytes during discussions."
    Mr. Pardha Saradhi Mantravadi
    Sr.Business Analyst & Usability Specialist
    Rave Technologies

›   "I feel confident about putting Usability Testing to practice. I would
     recommend this workshop for all usability practitioners with some basic
     understanding of UCD..."

    Sudhir Kulkarni
    Information Architect
    Mphasis Ltd

   "I think the User Requirements Engineering workshop is really useful to
    me as a Business Analyst. After attending this workshop, it will be
    easy for me to blend User Requirements with other B.A. activities and to
    integrate usability at Requirements Engineering stage itself."

    Vidhi Vig,
    Business Analyst
    Rave Technologies

›   "I come from a QA background. ... After attending the session (Design
     Incubator's workshop) I feel that a new door of knowledge, and new
     opportunities have opened for me! :-)"

    Mahesh Walimbe
    Test Lead
    Aztecsoft Ltd

›   "This is a training which every Business Analyst and Information Architect
    should attend. The before and after difference is tremendous."

    Aishwarya Varkhedkar
    Business Analyst
    Rave Technologies

›   "Attending Design Incubator's Workshops gives you an insight about
    Industry + Design + Innovation."
    Puneet Thariani
    User Experience Designer,

* above statements are personal opinions of individuals and may not reflect the general opinion of the organizations they represent.

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