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Fundamental Course 01: Understanding User Experience Design   (1 Day)
Last updated on 11th July '14

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Course 01: Introduction to UXD - Bengaluru, Jan '10
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Currently, this one day course is offered as part of a special three day course: Core Programme in User Experience Design
Early Entry Discounts can help you save up to Rs. 2000, if you register before the discount last date:
   ›   Hyderabad - 22nd, 23rd & 24th Aug '14 (Fri to Sun)
       Discount last date - 25th July '14    
   ›   Bangalore - 29th, 30th & 31st Aug '14 (Fri to Sun)
       Discount last date - 8th Aug '14    
   ›   Ahmedabad - 12th, 13th & 14th Sept '14 (Fri to Sun)
       Discount last date - 22nd Aug '14    
   ›   Delhi NCR- 26th, 27th & 28th Sept '14 (Fri to Sun)
       Discount last date - 5th Sept '14

   ›  A one-day course on fundamental concepts and delivery processes in
      User Experience Design. Also beneficial as a primer course for those
      attending the advanced courses.
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   ›  Understand how User Experience Design (UXD) works in the IT domain
      vis-à-vis User Requirements Engineering, User Interface Design
      and Design Evaluation.
   ›  Provide an overview of the concepts and delivery process in UXD for
      Desktop Applications, Web Based Application, Mobile Phones and other
      Small Screen Applications.

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Who Should Attend
   ›  A primer course on User Experience Design for all types of Software
      and I.T. Professionals who come across Usability and Interface Design       problems, but have no formal training in this field.
   ›  In the past this course has been attended by: Project/Product Managers,
      Delivery Heads, Sales Managers, Business Analysts, Graphic Designers,
      Developers, QA/ Testing team members and Entrepreneurs.
   ›  Read participant opinions and experiences of this course.

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There are no prerequisites for attending this module.

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Course Content

This course is conducted over one day from 9.30 AM to 05.30 PM

09.30 to 10.00 AM

Registration, Tea, and Introductions

10.00 to 10.30 AM

Design In Today's Context

10.30 to 12.00 PM

Understanding How Users Experience Design

12.00 to 01.00 PM

User Centred Design Life Cycle - A Systematic Approach to Design

01.00 to 02.00 PM

Lunch & Chit Chat

02.00 to 03.00 PM

Introduction to User Interface Requirements, User Research, Analysis and Interpretation

03.00 to 04.00 PM

Introduction to User Interface Architecture and Interface Visualization

04.00 to 05.00 PM

Introduction to Usability Testing and Design Evaluation

05.00 to 05.30 PM

Closure and Certificate Distribution

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Printed Materials

Design Incubator shall provide printed workshop materials to all participants during the courses.

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Certificate of Participation
Design Incubator shall provide a Certificate of Participation to those who attend the entire training. The Certificate shall outline the course work and experience that the participant has been through during the training.

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Training Instructor
   ›  Atul N Joshi is the Chief Instructor at Design Incubator’s training. He has
      several years of international as well as domestic consulting experience
      in the field of User Experience Design.
   ›  He is an alumnus of National Institute of Design (India) and a
      Communication Design Research Scholar from Fabrica S.p.a.,
      Benetton’s Communication Design Research Lab (Italy).
   ›  His training for working professionals have benefited several
      organizations like TCS, Patni, HP, GE, Mphasis, Cognizant, Rave
      Lion Bridge, LRN, BMC, Aztech, and many more.
   ›  He is also invited as a visiting faculty at National Institute of Design       (Ahmadabad), Industrial Design Center - I.I.T. (Bombay) and Institute
      of Design - M.I.T (Pune).
   ›  Read more about Atul N Joshi...

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City-wise Schedule and Venue *

Currently, this one day course is offered as part of a special three day course Core Programme in User Experience Design

City Training Dates Early Entry Discount End Dates

(Fri to Sun)
12th to 14th Aug '14
Discounts end on 22nd Aug '14
Fees and Discounts

(Fri to Sun)
29th to 31st Aug '14
Discounts end on 8th Aug '14
Fees and Discounts


Not scheduled yet
Inform us and get discounts...
Delhi NCR

(Fri to Sun)
26th to 28th Sept '14
Discounts end on 5th Sept '14
Fees and Discounts
Hyderabad (Fri to Sun)
22nd to 24th Aug '14
Discounts end on 25th July '14
Fees and Discounts


Not scheduled yet
Inform us and get discounts...


Not scheduled yet
Inform us and get discounts...
* Venue is announced ten days before the training event. Typically, training is hosted in educational institutes or in business hotels.
Registered participants are informed personally via phone and email.

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Fees and Discounts

Entry Type


Early Entry With Discount
Offered in combination with Course 03.
See Core Programme in User Experience Design (3 Days)

Teaching Fees
+ Service Tax
+ Edu. Cess
+ S. & H. Edu. Cess


Rounded Total


Late Entry With Full Fees
Offered in combination with Course 03.
See Core Programme in User Experience Design (3 Days)

Teaching Fees
+ Service Tax
+ Edu. Cess
+ S. & H. Edu. Cess


Rounded Total **


   ›  Above fees are per participant and inclusive of taxes
   ›  The rates of fees mentioned above are valid only if payments via
      at-par Bank Cheques or Demand Drafts payable at Pune reach
      Design Incubator's office on or before the dates mentioned above
   ›  Pro-Forma Invoices / Quotations can be provided via e-mail on request.
      Drop in an email to training (at) with details of
      participants and requesting a Quote.
   ›  Tax Invoices shall be provided to participants on day of the training
      OR can be mailed via post after realization of received payment.
   ›  Do not send payments to the venue address. Send them at our
      office address in Pune.

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Attend This Course: Nominate and Register in 3 Easy Steps

Please note that this course is currently not offered individually. However, it is offered along with Course 03 as part of Core Programme in User Experience Design (3 Days). To attend both these courses together, follow the steps below:

   1. Kindly download and fill in the appropriate Nomination Form given below:
       Self-sponsored Participants - Nomination Form (PDF 202KB)
       Corporate-sponsored Participants - Nomination Form (PDF 200KB)
   2. Send us your filled forms
       - by email to: training (at)  
       - by post to:
       Design Incubator R&D Labs, 317-Narayan Peth, Opp. Dainik Prabhat,
       Vijay Talkies Lane, Pune 411030, India
   3. On receiving your Nomination Form we shall revert and help you with
       the invoicing, payments and registration.

Got questions? Talk to us-
Call us: 020 3241 7699 (Pune)
            022 6552 9069 (Mumbai)
Mail us: training (at) 

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Important Notice and Terms
   ›  Audio-video recording and photography of Design Incubator R&D
      Labs Pvt Ltd’s (henceforth "DI") Training Courses is strictly prohibited.
      Cameras, recorders, and other portable media are strictly prohibited due
      to security concerns and will have to be deposited outside the facilities
      if carried along.
   ›  The copyrights of materials provided, shared or created during the
      training belong to DI. Circulation, distribution or copying of any
      materials is unlawful and legally punishable.
   ›  DI's Management shall try reasonably to ensure that the Training
      is conducted at the pre-decided time and venue with the necessary
   ›  In the unlikely event of change in venue / time / facilities, DI shall
      reasonably try to contact participants and inform them of any such
      changes by email or by phone, subject to proper details being provided
      by the participants to DI well in advance.
   ›  In the unlikely event that DI's Management initiates a cancellation
      of the Training Courses, full payments actually received from
      participant /participant's sponsors for the cancelled courses shall be
      refunded to the respective participant / participant's sponsors.
   ›  Participant / participant's sponsors wishing to cancel their reservation
      shall get a 50% refund of the payments actually received from them,       provided cancellations are made by them 15 days prior to the first
      day of the Training Course.
   ›  No refunds shall be made if a participant / participant's sponsors cancel       reservations less than 15 days before the first day of the Training
   ›  By participating, the participants agree to abide and honour all decisions       taken by DI's management, and agree that DI's management shall
      have the final authority on all decisions related to DI's training courses.
   ›  Participants will be required to sign a form formalizing their agreement
      to the Terms & Conditions of DI on the day of the training during the       registration process.
   ›  All Participants, on registering, paying or attending DI's any training
      session, undertake that they have read, understood, and agree to all
      the Terms and Conditions stated here.

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