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Business Studies
Design Incubator strongly recommends interviewing client’s stakeholders and domain experts before any project.
Design Incubator's consultants conduct a Stakeholder Interview ‹ Research Advisor Prof. Anirudha Joshi (IIT Mumbai) and Director Atul N Joshi moderate this interview. Design Incubator consultants acts as an observer.
› Stakeholders and Domain Experts form an important source to gather
business insights from.
› Experts from DI interview Stakeholders and Domain Experts using psychological probing techniques.
› Stakeholders have different roles, interests and can provide different perspectives which may be critical in the development of a product.
› Often, organizations are unaware about difference of opinions and
information gaps between stakeholders.
› Understanding these differences can help expedite decision making and prevent serious loss of effort, time and revenue.
› These interviews unearth insights about the vision, business plan and
valuable information about product users.

Do you know how different stakeholders in your company think about your product?
Find out how we can help you understand the collective vision and knowledge of your stakeholders.
Write to us.

Why Stakeholder Interviews are important for User Centered Design?
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