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Get your product / application evaluated for design
Design evaluations are not limited only to I.T. and software products. Find out how we can help you evaluate user experience- Write to us.

Heuristic Evaluation for software products
Design evaluations also include software usability evaluation with help of heuristics defined by Jakob Neilsen

"5 Layers of User Experience"
Read up more about user experience.
J. J. Garrett’s – 5 Layers of User Experience Model.


Design Evaluation
Design experts evaluate the user experience based on research data, best practices, known standards, design patterns and expert's opinions.
‹ Design Director Atul N Joshi presenting User Centered Design issues identified with help of Design Evaluation.

Expectations from Design Evaluation
Evaluations by experts have their advantages and limitations.
   ›   The advantage is seen when a very limited amount of time is available to
        evaluate the user experience of a product or service
   ›   Experts can plan a short data gathering exercise, conduct evaluations and
       make a some valuable recommendation
   ›   Typically, designs are evaluated against heuristics, best practices in
       design, standards, design patterns and experts’ experience.
   ›   However, evaluations carry a limitation due to lack of extensive contact
       with end users.
   ›   But, evaluations help identify several design issues and elevate the user
       experience at least to a certain basic standard.

When to do Design Evaluations?
We recommend Design Evaluation by experts when-
   ›   Products or services have a legacy baggage. Such products and services
       may have grown organically, multiplying their design problems.
   ›   Products and services need at least some basic standards of user
       experience. The idea here is to spend minimal time in getting some
       basic parameters of user experience right… and fast!
   ›   A new product or service is going to be launched shortly.
   ›   Development work is already under way and a check for overall user
       experience design needs to be done on the prototype.

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