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User Studies

Do you know what end users of your product need?
Find out how we can help you understand and unearth user needs.
Write to us.

Case Study on advantages of user studies, observation and testing
Read up more in this article by Anne F Jackson.


User Studies is one of the most important and critical activities of User Centered Design.
‹ Design Incubator's Consultant conducts a user interview for designing an e-governance application. Identities of users are withheld.
›   Many products face acceptance issues when end users actually use them.
    This results is increased calls to customer service, user irritation,
    dissatisfaction, loss of customer loyalty, product iterations, higher product
    breakdowns and eventually lowering of product sales.
›   Lower product acceptance from users typically happens due to lack of
    understanding user requirements and lack of systematically understanding
    the context of product usage.
›   Product creators lose many new opportunities due to lack of direct contact
    with end users.
›   Product creators are not necessarily product users. Product creators may
    have invalid assumptions about what end users truly want.
›   Design experts use several interviewing techniques to probe into the minds
    of users to understand their needs.
›   Rich psycho-graphical data is gathered about work habits, behavior,
    emotions, feelings, issues, expressed and unexpressed needs of users.
›   Experts investigate the gaps between the vision of product creators and the
    actual need of the users.

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