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Usability Testing

Test the design of your products for usability
We can help you conduct unbiased and high fidelity usability tests for your products. Write to us.

Usability Testing- Why and How?
Read more in this article by Elizabeth Boling (Indiana University).

International Usability Testing
Read more in this article by usability guru Jakob Neilsen.



User Centered Design is all about making services and products user friendly and improving users’ experience. Usability Testing helps evaluate performance, ergonomics, perception, mental models and usefulness of the functions and features of a design.
‹ A lab based, multilingual Usability Test setup.
›   Usability Tests are conducted to gain qualitative understanding and
    quantitative measures for usability of a design.
›   Two broad types of Usability Tests can be conducted depending on the goals
    and time of test.
    1) Formative Tests- Typically conducted while in the process of designing.
        The data mined through formative tests can help formation and further
        development of the design.
    2) Summative Tests- Typically conducted to measure compliance with pre-set
        design success criteria. These tests are done post major releases or on
        completion of a design lifecycle. The aim is to measure how successfully
        the design meets its pre-set usability objectives.
‹ Design Incubator's expert conducts a Usability Test on an accounting application.

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