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Contextual Studies
A lot of unknown problems and unknown opportunities lie hidden in the real life context of product users. Users often adapt to bad designs, find workarounds, and develop habits due to real life problems. Contextual Studies help unearth valuable opportunities that can help product creators differentiate their products and ensure higher acceptance from users.
‹ A picture of a Government Document Archive taken during an E-Governance project by Design Incubator. This little PC shall replace storage & retrieval of millions of documents in this archive.
› DI conducts Contextual Inquiries to observe and understand users' needs
in the context of work and environment.
› Contextual Studies reveal a treasure of information about end user behavior
and the environment they work in. Designers often come across hidden
opportunities and issues while observing users in their own contexts.
› Task flows, mental models and work habits are understood through direct
interviews, talk-aloud work demonstrations by users and insightful
‹ Design Incubator's Consultants document data from a Contextual Study.
‹ Design Director Atul N Joshi interviewing factory workers in the context of their work to understand their issues.
‹ Design Incubator's Consultants in process of capturing insights with help of Affinity Analysis.

Do you know what opportunities are hidden for you in the context of use of your product?
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