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Design Strategy
In-depth design research, direct contact with end customers, knowledge transfer sessions with domain experts and data mined from various stakeholders leads to exciting insights about products and services. Our rigorous research analysis techniques help us identify problem areas, opportunities and help build strategic alternatives for our clients.
‹ Senior Advisor Prof. Athavankar (IDC, IIT Mumbai) and Design Director Atul N Joshi in a Joint Design Strategy Meeting with our client
›   Design research identifies several known / unknown problems and
    opportunities, trends, predictions and expectations. It also brings forth the
    priority of critical design success factors
›   We help collaborate and catalyze strategic decision making with the help
    of unique techniques like Joint Design Strategy Sessions with clients
›   The advantage of using design research to lead product or services
    strategies is- it aligns customer needs, business stakeholders' needs and
    domain experts' recommendations. This enables an informed strategic
    decision making process built on customer acceptance, business feasibility
    and innovation.
‹ Design Incubator's experts in a Design Strategy Brainstorm Session

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